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THE SOJOURNER online Christian adventure game has moved HERE.

For the Text/Graphics adventure Trilogy free downloads  based on The Sojourner please go HERE.

Welcome to my FREE Christian downloads page. These are all downloads that I have made myself and are truly unique. They are my own copyright games and if you want to host them on your pages please contact me. Please keep coming back to see the great new downloads I have available.

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Click HERE for my Jesus Jigsaw!(221Kb)

MY CHRISTIAN GAMES (click HERE for more)


Click for FISH TALES.EXE (1.4Mb) - this is a Christian detective game where you learn about the 9 spiritual gifts in a fun environment.

You have been summoned to Atam Serahc paradise resort to solve 9 mysteries. Each tale needs one fish to meet the problem. On solving the mystery you will be given one of nine letters that make up the password that will give you access to the prize through the portal on the mountain.


Click for the ZAMBARDI mystery (2.3Mb) which is a point and click Christian adventure where you must solve the mystery of the disappearance of a journalist in the Zambardi desert area.

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Click for THE SOJOURNER (1.4Mb) which is a text/graphics adventure teaching about the armour of God in a fun way.

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Click HERE to download INSPIRE (1Mb)

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These Bible teaching packs contain Microsoft Word Student's notes plus the PowerPoint presentation for the teacher to go through with the students.

First Corinthians (1.2Mb)

The Big Picture (Missions, Vision and Calling - 683Kb)

Cross-Cultural Communication (1.21Mb)

New Testament Survey (961Kb)


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For Microsoft Word 2000 Notes: Microsoft Word Viewer can be downloaded for free from HERE

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More of my Bible Teachings....



Song of Solomon (Web Version)

Spiritual Gifts Pack

Hermeneutics (Interpreting the Word)

Bible Times and Customs PP Presentation


For a complete list of my Bible teachings go HERE.





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